Major Business
    Investment on Real Estate
    Kean’s service includes purchasing, selling, and rent asset management. Its business investment experiences make itself become one of the leading players in the Asian industry. Following by the economic circle and sensitive with market recovery, Kean’s Real Estate Inc. maintains service on investment of real estate as the active market presenter, seeks for the potential investment opportunities, and provides tailor-made service.
    Alternative Investment and Management
    Following by the development of global capital market, alternative investment and management play the key role on arrangement asset allocation. Kean's Real Estate Inc. invests in alternative assets, focuses on hedge funds as well as private equity, and sources new business opportunities.
    Capital Investment
    Kean's Real Estate Inc. offers the clients and the third-party investors to exposure high-potential opportunities in diversified asset. It manages assets across several sectors, including corporate real estate, capital market, residential leasing and financial consulting service.